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You need experienced, effective representation to help you in your civil disputes, whether you’re seeking to negotiate a resolution outside of litigation, to prevail in a lawsuit, or to challenge or defend a judgment on appeal. Attorney Michael S. Rabieh has over 16 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in the greater Boston area, with a focus on employment litigation, real estate disputes and appeals. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Attorney Rabieh has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve excellent results.

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We can help you challenge your wrongful termination and hold your employers accountable.

Employment Litigation

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Settle your real estate disputes quickly, so you can focus on your next venture.

Real Estate Litigation

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You don't always have to accept the outcome of a case. We can help you appeal your civil case in a higher court.


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  • Smart, good listener, committed and thorough. Our non-profit preservation organization worked with Michael to appeal a decision that would have removed a conservation restriction held by us from an historic building on a technicality. Michael got us through the appeal process through sound knowledge of real estate law, and through excellent argumentation and analysis. He was terrific in court, and his appeal brief was thorough and well-reasoned. Our lingering impression is that we received very good advice from him on strategy throughout the process, and that he left nothing to chance in the litigation process, so that we felt and appeared very prepared before the court. We continue to work with him and expect to for some time.

  • "Michael was a pleasure to work with. He is incredibly smart and detail oriented, and was able to uncover indisputable facts in our case that were very well hidden. His persistence and hard work led to a very favorable outcome in our case. I would highly recommend him"

  • Mr. Rabieh was thorough, prompt, knowledgeable and professional. I met with him personally at this office. He provided meaningful advice and guidance that I relied on. In the end, our outcome was more successful than I anticipated.